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Dive into written opinions, ruminations, introspections and everything of the sort, categorised into six unique themes and topics.

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Learn more about me (Ayush), spechaar itself, what inspired the conception of the platform and my hopes and mission for the space.

About spechaar

A Platform to Seek, to Learn, to Express, to Think.

spechaar, in both name and philosophy, is derived from the word “vichaar”, which means “to think” in Gujarati. With an element of the Italian word for mirror, “specchio”, in its name and mission, spechaar seeks to provide a rare oasis for ruminative thoughts, reflective opinions and overall exuberant, unlimited expression. In an age were such platforms are rare and hard to access, spechaar stands out as a town square of sorts wherein anyone and everyone can join hands to express.

Dive into spechaar contributors’ opinions, introspections and ruminations.

the Spechaar blog

On humanity and everything within.

Our World, In Flux

On South Africa and everything within.

Notes on The Rainbow Nation

On where we’re headed as a species.

Utopia or Dystopia?

On the power of today’s youth.

We Light The Way

On the world of economics and finance.

Lamentations of Wannabe Economists

On spechaar’s contributors written work, which highlights their own thoughts.

Think Pieces

Required Reading

Explore my reviews of books that I’ve enjoyed reading and learning from lately.

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