Welcome to spechaar!

Welcome to spechaar!

Hi! I’m Ayush, founder of spechaar, the platform for thought, expression and rumination. Thank you for visiting, it’s wonderful to have you here. A bit about me: I’m just your regular 17-year-old high school student, born and raised in Johannesburg, in the country (not continent) of South Africa, trying to leave the world in a better place than I found it. 

I’ve wanted to create a platform of this sort for a while. The core idea was conceived in a tiny bubble deep within my mind in December 2021, in the moments of tranquillity between the conclusion of a significant journey in my life and the beginning of a new chapter. After exactly a year of dreaming, talking, creating, developing, thinking and writing, the bubble has popped, spechaar has dropped, and boy, am I excited. 

The name of this platform, “spechaar” (pronounced sp-eh-ch-aach-r), is derived from the word “vichaar”, which means ‘to think’ in my mother tongue, Gujarati. When I began to think about what name to bestow upon this platform, my platform, I suppose the common thing that formed the basis of each potential candidate was the criterion I had boldly set: the name ought to reflect me, my background and heritage; as well as the platform itself and its mission. Nothing fulfilled that criterion more than this name, and it’s something I couldn’t be more grateful for. 

I chose to use a derivative of “vichaar” because to me, this platform is about way more than just thoughts. Its philosophy encompasses everything that happens from the moment a thought is conceived, running to the point at which it is expressed and beyond… It speaks to every element of thinking, reflecting, expressing, advocating, critiquing, and more. 

Moreover, spechaar is built to be a transparent, showcase-y vivarium that houses people like me, whose independent thoughts, ideas and statements don’t fit into the common realm we’ve all held citizenship in thus far. Like many, I may not have a large enough impact or influential enough following, but what I do have right now is the privilege and opportunity to create a space for expression, and a hub for anyone and everyone to enter into and share their own spechaars.

My hope for this little corner of the internet is that it instills a sense of belonging for those who feel alone. I hope it provides room to think, to inspire, to express. I hope it brings a feeling of clarity for those who think they’re lost. And finally, I hope it grows to become a place where everyone feels welcome and able to see and to show.

With love, gratitude and best wishes,