Ocean of Dreams

This piece was written by Luke Yazbek.

sinking dreams, below the waves
pull at the limbs of the dreamer who voyages into storms, who sets his grieving heart sailing against currents unceasing – the promise of hope gasping
above pressure
crushing minds
minds consuming love
love diluting pain

the dream and its guardian plummeting in the cold – the cries and groans perturb no mind, pressure no love to gasp at absence

but the dream is lost among the
wreck, when the world shivers into the darkening sky, desperation launches
a masquerade to the surface waves
breaking at the outermost shores of compassion travelling through the air to ears that listen not

below the waves we sink, we flounder a mathematical certainty
on the water we walk mute
a moral incomprehensibility permeating the shades of existence we lose ourselves

somewhere in between
should we choose to search for that dreamer above pain’s wreck or below prejudice’s scatterings we find our souls scattered, indeterminate
but, perhaps

escaping the chains of destiny, we are ensnared no more
love may flow to and from our currents – current dreams gasping at possibilities of the unknown, forged above chance

chancing the embers of purpose, the seeds of joy the sprouting of love eternal,
the reckless abandon of the human condition

the sea is calm
the universe blooming into splendour across the cosmic mirror and into that looking-glass we stare – we see potential
freed arms embrace the gifts of existence
and we journey in love to arrive in love with the dreams we cherish