I Await Africa’s True Vengeance

This piece was written by Ropa H.C.

Africa! Tell me you are ready for a war
your bread has been plagued
and your wounds have been scorched
They’ve forgotten that you are the origin of us all since white flesh bleached your dark lands

into poverty all your generations have been born Africa: “Tell me are you ready for a war”
We’ve been idle for too long
And our bellies getting sore

Ndinonyara nemutauro wangu
my mother tongue has washed off shore
I’m a foreign myth to other continents
But I deserve their respect
As I have been thumbed out by their hands
But have battled and not lost yet
So here I stand, as proud as a winged boar
Do not allow me to be forgotten once more,
Africa! Tell me are you ready for a war
Because we are shrilling with our might our voices have been hoarse So use all of our collective cries as a people,
I guarantee you they are sharp enough to clip the wings
Of the American eagle
For us, nothing but payback is sought

Africa tell me are you ready for a war?
Your sons have become Cane and their brothers Abel, in this all All of your battles have been internally fought
the ground watered by tears from a mother’s eye
As her son has diluted his brother’s blood into bank of
The Nile
Bombs have detonated, and are blowing up souls
Africa! Tell me are ready for a war?
Good must be the successor of evil, I am sure
On your streets, sits a child
With clipped wings but she is hopeful she will soar
She is asking, “how can I fight in an African war”
Infest the globe with your culture, your knowledge
Your experience and gifts
Know that violently we will take it all
Taste Revolution like never before
Africa! Tell me are you ready for a war!!!